The University of East Sarajevo, during 25 years of its existence, educated and trained students to become a key part in the development and progress of the eastern part of Republic of Srpska, BiH and beyond. The University provides young people with acquiring knowledge and skills needed for life and future work, and, also, it provides them with something else that is of great importance - the ability to build itself as versatile persons.

Admission to a faculty is the beginning of a new, more challenging period in the lives of young people. Studying at our University provides young people with an opportunity for development into versatile personalities and successful people in jobs they have chosen for career.

With 15 faculties and 2 academies, and number of study programs - 56 on the first cycle, 47 on the second cycle and 8 on the third cycle of studies, the University is one of the centers of intellectual life in Republic of Srpska and BiH. The courses at our University are currently attended by more than 13,000 students.

The integrated University of East Sarajevo gives young people the opportunity to enter the world of science, art, knowledge and innovation in 10 cities where its faculties and academies are located (Trebinje, Foca, Pale, East Sarajevo, Vlasenica, Srebrenica, Zvornik, Bijeljina, Brcko, and Doboj).

Study programs of the University follow modern scientific trends and scientific knowledge, and we strive to harmonize them with current developments in the labor market and with the needs of the economic environment.

The University of East Sarajevo is committed to developing cooperation with other universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad, providing the possibility of regional and international mobility of students and teachers.

The strategic commitment of the University regarding future development is to build, considering the standards of the unique European educational space, a distinctive quality that will constantly raise the competitive capacity. The student will always be in the focus of the development programs. The University of East Sarajevo will develop its autonomy and act socially responsible at the same time.

I wish all academic community of our University successful and continuous achievements of scientific and educational goals that will ensure, with the engagement and high motivation, quality preparation of students for future careers!

Rector of the University of East Sarajevo
Prof. dr Radoslav Grujic