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HR Excellence in Research

The University of East Sarajevo considers Human Resource Management an exceptionally important aspect of the institution and thus dedicates special attention to its staff which is significant for its sustainability, but also further institutional development and advancement. Hence, the University of East Sarajevo was among the first higher education institutions to sign the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers in 2013. By signing this document, the University of East Sarajevo has joined the European universities’ family which makes every effort to ensure a quality business environment for its researchers.

With an aim to go one step further, the University joined the IV Cohort Strategic Group for Human Resources (Human Resources Strategy Group) and went on with the preparation and activities which guarantee the obtaining of the prestigious “Human Resources Excellence in Research” logo, or the so called HR logo. In order to reduce the gap between the principles of the Charter and the Code and the current situation in the field of human resources at the University, essential documents have been developed and adopted. A thorough analysis has been conducted based on which strategic documents and action plan documents addressing the identified deficiencies have been created.


HRS4R Strategy Approach and methodology
HRS4R Strategy Results of online survey
HRS4R Strategy Statistic survey
HRS4R Strategy Internal analysis
HRS4R Strategy Action plan
HRS4R Strategy Action plan [Excel]
HRS4R Strategy Monitoring system

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