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The Faculty of Law was established in the academic year 1994/95 in Ilidza, and in 1996 the headquarters of the Faculty was relocated in Pale. Classes are successfully implemented in the first and second study cycles. The Faculty of Law of the University of East Sarajevo is recognized in Republic of Srpska as a leading institution of legal education in its eastern part with the highest standards concerning education process and the required knowledge. Its graduates occupy important positions in the Republican bodies and joint institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Faculty of Law traditionally organizes scientific meetings with the participation of the eminent representatives of legal science and profession, as well as lectures of professors and eminent legal experts from foreign universities.

The Faculty of Law publishes the journal for Legal and Social Sciences 'Yearbook of the Faculty of Law in East Sarajevo‘.

The Student Association of the Faculty of Law is the only student representative body of the Faculty through which students exercise their rights and obligations. Activity of the Association of students are carried out in two areas: academic area (section of rhetoric, debate club, participation in the work of the Academic Council of the Faculty, the realization of projects with local and international non-governmental organizations, embassies of foreign countries in B & H) and sports area.



Graduates acquire titles depending on the cycle and study program they have completed:

I cycle

    • Study Program Law (Departments in Pale, Bijeljina and Srebrenica), 240 ECTS, 4 years - Bachelor in Law


II cycle

  • Study Program Law, 60 ECTS, 1 year, three profiles:
  1. Public Law – Master in Law
  2. Civil Law (two modules: Civil Law - Civil Law module and Civil Law - Commercial Law module) - Master in Law
  3. Criminal Law - Master in Law




Faculty of Law
Alekse Šantica br. 3
71 420 Pale
Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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