European Union standards for accreditation of study programs on BH Universities

Tempus SMGR 158853-1-2009-1-SE

Structure of the consortium

Contractor: Kaho Sint Lieven Ghent

BH partners:

  • 8 BH universities
  • University of Banja Luka
  • University of Bihac,
  • University of East Sarajevo,
  • University Dzemal Bijedic,
  • University of Mostar,
  • University of Sarajevo,
  • University of Tuzla and
  • University of Zenica
  • SUS B&H
  • Agency for development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance in BH,
  • Ministry of Civil Affairs BH

EU partners:

  • 2 EU universities (IPP Porto, Brasov University),
  • WUS Austria
  • Catalunyan Accreditation Office (AQA) and the
  • Council of Flemish University Colleges (VLHORA)

Project Duration: 3 years 02/2010 – 02/2013

Project Type: Structural measures

Main aim

  • Main aim of the project concerns the introduction of European standards in evaluation and accreditation procedures of study programs in BH Universities.
  • In this way this Structural Measures proposal focused on Governance Reform fully supports the structural reform of Higher Education in the whole country of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Main outcomes of the project:

  • Evaluation of present situation in BH and EU
  • Procedures for evaluation and accreditation of study programmes
  • Improving competencies of University staff
  • Capacity building of Universities in BiH
  • Pilot project
  • Dissemination and Sustainability
  • Quality control and monitoring
  • Management of the project

Contact person: doc.dr Dejan Bokonjić