Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education was founded in 1994, and in the academic 2002/03 it was transformed into today’s Faculty of Education. Classes are held on the first and second study cycles. Faculty of Education is distinguished by high quality teaching staff, modern facilities for teaching and a variety of extracurricular activities

Faculty of Education traditionally organizes the conference with international participation and publishes the journal “New School”.

Graduates acquire titles depending on the cycle and study program they have completed:

I cycle

    • Class Teaching, 240 ECTS, 4 years – Graduated Professor of Class Teaching
    • Pre-school Education, 240 ECTS, 4 years – Graduated Teacher of Preschool Children
    • Technical Education and Information Sciences, 180 ECTS, 3 years – Graduated Professor of Technical Education and Informatics

II cycle

  • Class Teaching, 60 ECTS, 1 year – Master in Class Teaching
  • Pre-school Education, 120 ECTS, 2 years – Master in Preschool Education

Faculty of Education
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