Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine


The Faculty of Medicine was founded in 1993 in Foca. Teaching process is conducted on three cycles of study. The Faculty is dedicated to education of staff in the field of medicine which includes scientific, humanistic and ethical dimension with the continuous improvement of human health through the promotion of the profession, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases in the community. The Faculty of Medicine provides its students with educational programs of exceptional quality and relevance, educating highly qualified staff.

The Faculty of Medicine organizes symposium of dentistry doctors, and congress of the surgeons of Republic of Srpska.

The Faculty publishes the journal “Biomedical research”.

Students’ representative body is the “Association of Students of the Faculty of Medicine in Foca”.

Graduates gain titles depending on the study cycle and the study program they have completed:

I cycle

  • Medicine, 360 ECTS – Medical Doctor
  • Dentistry, 360 ECTS – Dentistry Doctor
  • Dentistry in English language, 360 ECTS – Dentistry Doctor
  • Health Care, 240 ECTS – Graduated Nurse
  • Special Education and Rehabilitation, 240 ECTS, two profiles:
    1. Graduated Speech Therapist – Speech Pathology and Surdoaudiology
    2. Graduated Special Educator and Rehabilitator – Developmental Disorders


II cycle

  • Health Care, 300 ECTS – Master in Health Care
  • Special Education and Rehabilitation, 300 ECTS, 1 year, two profiles:
    1. Master in Speech Pathology – Speech Pathology and Surdoaudiology
    2. Master in Developmental Disorders

III Cycle

  • Biomedical Sciences, 540 ECTS, 3 years – PhD in Biomedical Sciences
  • Bioengineering and Medical Informatics

Faculty of Medicine
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