Quality management in Medicine – QUMAMED

Quality management in Medicine – QUMAMED

Project Title: : Quality management in Medicine – QUMAMED

Duration of Project:: 12 MONTHS


  • Partner countries;
  • Medical faculty University of East Sarajevo
  • Medical Faculty University of Mostar
  • Medical Faculty University of Sarajevo
  • Eu countries:

Contractor: Katholieke Hogeschool Sint-Lieven (B)

Partners from EU:

Medical Faculty University of Ghent Dublin Institute for Technology

Description of the Project:

The main objective of this project would be introducing of quality assessment methods and procedures for internal evaluation based on EFQM model of excellence. Speaking more precisely, we plan to educate representatives of our administration and teaching staff at participating Medical faculties about QM, main procedures and techniques for internal assessment and by using case studies to introduce them with procedures and techniques of external evaluation. We are also intending to develop manual for QM. Manual will contain basic facts about QM, introducing quality, evaluation of the courses, most important recommendations and suggestions about preparing, introducing and performing self-assessment report at Medical faculties and etc.

Wider Project objective:

Introducing regular quality assessment procedures at Medical faculties in B&H Improving of quality of teaching at Medical faculties in B&H

Specific Project Objectives:

Education of teaching and administration staff at B&H Universities about QM Writing a manual for QM Forming QM offices


Establishing of project management team Education of teaching staff Preparation of manual Dissemination of project result Monitoring of the project results


Management of the project Organization of planning meeting and evaluation meeting Training visit in EFQM model at EU Universities Education of staff about QM during seminars at partner Universities Preparing a manual and questionnaires for internal assessment Introduction of web site of the project Dissemination conference Preparing of monitoring questionnaires

Assumptions, risks and pre-conditions

Main preconditions for good start of the project are:

Willingness of participating partner Medical faculties and good motivation for improving quality assurance system by introducing new methods and procedures for quality assessment
Solid knowledge of English of teaching staff included in the project
Good carrying out of the project performed by project management team

Main assumptions and risks outside of the project are:

Lack of support by authorities Bad motivation of teaching staff for starting with internal quality assessment