University Services

University Services

Rector’s Office

Jelena Kljajic

Head of Cabinet

Marina Berjan
Officer for Information and Public Relation

Jelena Bartula

Bojana Spaic


Svetislav Gavrilović 


Internal Audit Department

Milan Mladic
Head of Internal Audit Department


Vice-rectors’ Offices

Jelena Soknic

Vice-rector’s for Education

Jelena Klacar
Coordinator for Education

Marija Vladicic

Senior Officer for Teaching, Record Keeping of Diplomas and Recognition of Verifications

Publishing Center

Severin Zekovic
Officer for publishing at the University Rectorate-Proofreader

Center for Lifelong Learning

Katarina Bosnjakovic
Senior Officer for Distance Learning, Lifelong Learning and Alumni

Project Logistics Support Office

Jovana Amovic
Science and Research Coordinator

Dajana Vukojevic, PhD
Officer for Records, Information and Reporting on Projects

Predrag Zdrale MA
Senior Officer for Development

Todor Obradovic
Senior Financial Officer for Projects


Vice-rector’s for International Cooperation and Quality Assurance

Slobodanka Krulj, PhD
International Cooperation Coordinator

Milica Bakula
Officer for the Mobility of Teaching Staff and Students

Quality Assurance Office

Jelena Gigovic
Quality Assurance Coordinator


Vice-Rector’s for Student Affairs, Culture, Arts and Sports

Miljana Tadic
Senior Officer for Student Activities and Student Standard

Katarina Babic
Officer for Culture and Sports

Center for Assistance to Students with Special Needs

Marijana Pejic
Officer in the Center for Assistance to Students with Special Needs

Jovana Coric
Assistant for students with special needs


Vice-Rector’s for Human and Material Resources

Jelena Kokic
Officer for Human Resources

Vladimir Vasic MA
Officer for Material Resources

Jela Samardzija
Administrative worker operator

Investments and Maintenance of University Facilities

Darko Krtinic
Senior Officer for Investments and Maintenance of University Facilities

Dobrica Lucic
Officer for Occupational Safety and Fire Protection


University Computer Center

Zoran Novakovic, B.Sc. Eng.
Computer Center Coordinator

Marko Skipina, B.Sc. Eng.

Vladimir Budincic, B.Sc. Eng.
Network administrator

Mr Borislav Drakul, B.Sc. Eng.
Website administrator

University Secretariat

Igor Tesovic
Secretary General

Sector for Legal, Personnel and General Affairs

Ravijojla Djuricic
Head of the Sector for Legal, Personnel and General Affairs

Legal Affairs Service

Nina Licina
Senior Officer for Legal Affairs and Normative Value

Gorana Janjic
Officer for Employment Relations

Personnel and General Affairs Service

Ana Stamenkovic
Coordinator of the Personnel and General Affairs Service

Violeta Kosic
Administrative Worker for Duplication and Sending of Materials

Bojan Djukanovic

Nenad Tosovic

Srpko Damjanovic

Biljana Bakula
Coffee cook

Dajana Miovcic
Coffee cook

Vera Lucic
Cleaning lady

Vaska Zarkovic
Cleaning lady

Professional Affairs Service

Dejan Okuka
Senior Officer for Drafting Decisions and Acts of the Senate and the Steering Board

Violeta Ruljic MA
Officer for the Preparation of Sessions of the Senate and the Steering Board


Financial Accounting Department

Department of Financial – Accounting Issues

Sretenka Cosic
Head of Financial Accounting Department

Svjetlana Terzic
Senior Officer for Business Planning and Analysis

Branka Tesanovic
Senior Officer for Payment Approval

Mira Djurovic
Senior Officer for Salary Calculation

Sonja Cegar
Officer for Salary Calculation

Dragana Zekovic
Officer for Salary Calculation

Jelena Regoje
Officer for Monitoring Taxes and Contributions

Gorica Vaskovic
Office for Treasury Operations

Dragana Janjic
Officer for Control and Liquidation of Financial Documentation

Veselinka Sikima
Chief Accountant

Radmila Tesanovic
Accounting worker

Public Procurement Service

Tatjana Salvarica MA
Senior Officer for Public Procurement

Vesna Tesanovic
Officer For Legal Affairs of Public Procurement