University Centers

University Centers

University of East Sarajevo has 10 University centers


Trebinje University Center

Trebinje is a city and the seat of the eponymous municipality in the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The town’s name comes from the Latin word tribunus (tribunus militum – the commander of one larger or several smaller units of the Roman army) or from the Slavic word treb, which means sacrifice.

Zvornik University Center

Zvornik town lies on the eastern slopes of Majevica at an altitude of 146 meters. Zvornik municipality borders the municipalities of Bratunac, Milici, Vlasenica, (in the South), Sekovici, Osmaci, Kalesija, (in the West), Lopare, Ugljevik and Bijeljina (in the north), and in the east with the Republic of Serbia and its municipality of Mali Zvornik and Loznica city.   

Foča University Center

Foca is a university town. In addition to the Medical Faculty, in Foca here is also the Orthodox Theological Faculty “Sveti Vasilije Ostroski”. Long, rich and interesting is the chronicle of historical events related to Foca and its surrounding area. Written documents show that this city with a developed trade existed in 1368 and that the caravan “Dubrovnik route” was passing through it, linking the Adriatic with the north of the country.

Bijeljina University Center

Bijeljina is located in Semberija, and it is a crossroad for Serbia, Croatia and the Bosnian interior. Situated in the flat and fertile Semberija, near the rivers Drina and Sava, under the the mountain Majevica. In Bijeljina’ public and private universities there are more than 5,000 students, which improves the age and education composition of the labor force, since a large number of highly educated young professionals are staying in Bijeljina after graduation.   

Pale University Center

Today, Pale is university, tourist and cultural center of the Republic of Srpska. In Pale there are four faculties of the University of East Sarajevo: Economics, Philosophy, Law and Faculty of Physical Education.

Brčko University Center

Brcko District is an administrative unit of Bosnia and Herzegovina with its own administration, which formally belongs to both entities comprising Bosnia and Herzegovina – the Federation and the Republic of Srpska. The District is located in northeastern Bosnia. The District is under international administration. The seat of the District is the town of Brcko.

Lukavica University Center

East Sarajevo, the former Srpsko Sarajevo, is a city in the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in the east part of the Republic of Srpska, next to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, with whom in terms of geography and infrastructure makes a whole.   

Doboj University Center

Doboj is a regional educational center with a large number of secondary schools: Gymnasium Jovan Ducic, Medical School, Metal School, Economics and Trade School, Traffic and Electrical Engineering School, Administration Catering and school of students in Economy. Doboj is also a university town. 

Vlasenica University Center

Opština Vlasenica je smještena u istočnom dijelu Republike Srpske, pripada sarajevsko-zvorničkoj regiji, u dijelu srednjeg Podrinja. Obrazovna djelatnost u cjelini je objedinjena kroz osnovnu školu, srednjoškolski centar i odjeljenje studijskog programa šumarstva, Poljoprivrednog fakulteta Univerziteta u Istočnom Sarajevu.

Srebrenica University Center

Srebrenica je gradsko naselje i sjedište istoimene opštine u istočnom dijelu Republike Srpske, Bosni i Hercegovini. Pored kulturnih, obrazovna djelatnosti su objedinjene kroz osnovnu školu, srednjoškolski centar i odjeljenje, Pravnog fakulteta Univerziteta u Istočnom Sarajevu.