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Today the courses at the integrated University of East Sarajevo have been attended by approximately 13,000 students in 10 towns where 17 organizational units of the University are located, while the Rector’s Office, as an administrative center, is located in East Sarajevo. There are 56 academic programs of the first cycle, 48 of the second cycle 48 and 11 of the third cycle of studies.

31 Years

academic experience

  • Accredited University
  • Modern study programs
  • International and inter-university cooperation
  • Active participation in significant projects
  • Excellence in research
  • Modern libraries, laboratories and scientific research centers

Study programs of the University follow modern scientific trends and scientific knowledge, and we strive to harmonize them with current developments in the labor market and with the needs of the economic environment.

The University of East Sarajevo is the first accredited public higher education institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in 2018 it will enter the process of re-accreditation.

Considerable resources have been invested in the modernization of laboratories and IT equipment, especially in the 7 research centers at the University of East Sarajevo, thus enabling the practical application of knowledge and giving impetus to the development of science.

The University of East Sarajevo, as a partner or coordinator, has been actively involved in major projects and programs such as IPA, Erasmus + (including former Tempus program), Horizon 2020, providing improvement of academic community, exchange of teaching staff and students, volunteering or work abroad, cooperation with industry in order to commercialize innovative products or services, improvement of infrastructure etc.

The University traditionally organizes high-quality scientific meetings with a very large number of submitted papers and participants from countries all around the world, emphasizing a reputation which scientific conferences of the University have built in the global academic community. Due to good scientific results achieved by most scientific conferences, the University of East Sarajevo and its conferences have been classified as a prominent international scientific institution by numerous strict categorization.

The University of East Sarajevo is a member of the European University Association – EUA, Danube Rectors’ Conference, Alpe-Adria Rectors’ Conference, and the Rectors’ Conferences of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic of Srpska.

The University is committed to development of cooperation with other universities in BiH and abroad, as well as with international organizations dealing with higher education, which provides the possibility of mobility of students and teachers. Mobility is achieved through CEEPUS program, Erasmus + program, national programs of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic of Srpska, as well as through bilateral cooperation of certain organizational units with related institutions of higher education from abroad.

In the field of international and inter-university cooperation, the University has 55 signed general cooperation agreements with higher education institutions in the country, region, Europe and the world, as well as 119 special agreements defining the cooperation of organizational units with related universities, commercial enterprises, institutes and agencies.

The University of East Sarajevo will continue strengthening cooperation with the real sector because there is a mutual interest. The economy counts on the expertise of young people educated at our University, while at the same time students require practice in enterprises to acquire the skills necessary for later employment.

We develop the University as responsible, autonomous and leading research, educational, scientific and artistic institution in Republic of Srpska, BiH and Europe.

Taking into account the fact that initiators of social progress can only be staff who possess the appropriate knowledge and are willing to take responsibility for the development of the society, we will try to raise the quality of education offered by the University of East Sarajevo to a higher level in the future. Along with raising the quality of study programs, we will work to raise the quality of teachers, professors because they are a key factor in the education of young people. They are required to contribute to the economic, cultural, scientific and educational life, and it is necessary to strengthen the reputation of this profession.