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University Senate

The Senate is the highest academic body of the University. It regulates issues related to scientific-teaching, scientific-research and artistic work. The Senate consists of the rector, vice rectors, one member elected among the full-time academic staff from each Organizational unit of the University, except for teachers of clinical branches of medicine and dentistry with a part-time employment from medical institutions that are teaching base of the Faculty, then the student representatives of all three cycles of studies composing at least 15% of the total number of members of the Senate.


Professor Stevo Pasalić, PhD

 +387 57 320 330
+387 57 320 330



Vice-Rector for Education:

Vera Ćevriz-Nišić, PhD

 +387 57 320 330
+387 57 320 330






Vice-Rector for Human and Material Resources:

Professor Srđan Lalić, PhD

 +387 57 320 330
+387 57 320 330





Vice- Rector for International Cooperation and Quality Assurance:

Dejan Bokonjić, PhD

 +387 57 320 330
 +387 57 320 330





Vice-Rector for Science, Research and Development:


 +387 57 320 330
 +387 57 320 330





Vice-Rector for Student Affairs, Culture, Arts and Sports:

Professor Sandra Ivanović, MA

 +387 57 320 330
 +387 57 320 330





Faculty of Electrical Engineering:

Slobodan Lubura, Ph.D.








Faculty of Economics Pale:

Aleksandar Stojanović, Ph.D.








Faculty of Economics Brčko:

Teodor Petrović, Ph.D.








Faculty of Mechanical Engineering:

Miroslav Milutinović, Ph.D.







Faculty of Medicine:

Biljana Mijović, Ph.D.








Academy of Music:

Ljubo Božovic, Ph.D.









Academy of Fine Arts:

Sreten Milatović, Ph.D.








Faculty of Pedagogy:

Dragica Milinković, Ph.D.







Facuty of Agriculture:

Prof. dr Vesna Milić, Ph.D.







Faculty of Law:

Stanka Stjepanović, Ph.D.







Faculty of Orthodox Theology:

Vladimir Stupar Ph.D.








Faculty of Technology:

Mitar Perušić, Ph.D.







Faculty of Physical Education and Sport:

Dejan Ćeremidžić Ph.D.







Faculty of Production and Management:

Budimirka Marinović, Ph. D







Faculty of Philosophy:

Branka Brčkalo, Ph.D.








Faculty of Business and Economics:

Srđan Damjanović,  Ph.D.








Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engineering:

Ratko Đuričić, Ph.D.









Miloš Vasiljević








Jovana Bojanić








Stefan Slijepčević








Luka Ždrale









Filip Matić