Quality Assurance Committee

Senate of the University of East Sarajevo with the decision 01-S-222-IX/09 from 15.05.2008. has formed the Quality Assurance Committee. Quality Assurance Committee is an expert and advisory body for the University Senate in the field of quality assurance.


Quality Assurance Committee has the following responsibilities:


  • Proposing concrete projects and activities to the Rector and Senate of the University, encouraging innovation and development in order to ensure quality;
  • Inciting the creation of quality culture at the University and organizational units within the University;
  • Defining the standards, criteria and indicators of quality;
  • Preparation of proposals to improve standards, procedures and methods of quality control,
  • Conducting self-evaluation procedures at the University;
  • Planning and preparation of the activities related to monitoring and quality control at the University and organizational units within the University;
  • Reviewing the regular self-evaluation reports of the University and organizational units within the University;
  • Suggesting , if needed, an exceptional self-assessment in certain areas;
  • Reporting the University Senate on the situation in the field of quality, at least annually;
  • Developing and recommending the documentation of quality assurance system,
  • Proposing an external quality control and providing technical assistance in preparing documents for accreditation for the competent authority;
  • Adopting its rules of procedure;
  • Establishing working bodies of the Committee, in accordance with the Rules of the Committee;
  • Performing other duties relevant to the promotion and development of study programs, teaching and working conditions.