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Quality Assurance Coordinators on Faculties / Academies

Coordinators for quality assurance are appointed by the council of the organizational units.

Quality Assurance Coordinators at the organizational units coordinate the work of various committees formed with the purpose of evaluating the functioning of various segments of the organizational units and operate in accordance with proposed activities submitted by the Committee and adopted by the University Senate.

Quality Assurance Coordinators once a year, usually at the beginning of next year, submit report to the Scientific Council or Artistic Council on the results achieved in the previous year at the organizational unit.

The work of QA coordinators at organizational units is organized and coordinated by the Quality Assurance Office.





Academy of Fine Arts – Trebinje

Veselin Brković, PhD








Faculty of Orthodox Theology – Foča

Zoran Jelisavčić, PhD








Faculty of Economics – Pale

Jelena Marjanović







Faculty of Economics – Brčko

Cviko Jekić, PhD







Faculty of Electrical Engineering – East Sarajevo

Milica Ristović-Krstić, MA







Faculty of Philosophy – Pale

Professor Biljana Milošević-Šošo








Faculty of Physical Education and Sport


Ljubo Milićević, PhD







Faculty of Business and Economics – Bijeljina

Professor Vesna Petrović








Production and Management Faculty – Trebinje

Željko Ćurić, PhD







Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – East Sarajevo

Ranka Gojković, MA







Academy of Music – East Sarajevo

Peđa Hart, M.Sc.







Faculty of Medicine – Fočaа

Jelena Krunić, PhD








Faculty of Education – Bijeljina

Professor Dragica Milinković







Faculty of Agriculture – East Sarajevo

Vico Grujica, PhD









Faculty of Law – Pale

Sanja Savić, PhD









Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering – Doboj

Dr. Gordana Jotanović









Faculty of Technology – Zvornik

Milan Vukić, M.Sc.






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