Student and Staff Mobility

Student and Staff Mobility

Total of 10 representatives of the University of East Sarajevo (4 teachers and 6 students) have spent from one month to three months at the various international institutions abroad. These representatives have been chosen in accordance with the public announcement based on the Rules for co-financing of international mobility in 2012/2013 school year issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic of Srpska. Names of the representatives, international institution and home faculty are listed below:

Charles University First Мedical School Prague (Chez Republic): Mirjana Orbović, Alјoša Bogdanić, Svjetlana Đurović, Stefan Vujičić and Borka Mijatović, medical students.

Faculty of Sociology, University Milano Bicocca (Italy) – student Bilјana Stanišić, Faculty of Philosophy

Exchange programme at the University KaHO Sint-Lieven in Ghent (Belgium) – assisting teacher Dragan Vujadinović, M. Sc, Faculty of Technology

Faculty of Agriculture University of Bologna (Italy) – Senior assisting teacher, Master Sinisa Berjan, Faculty of Agriculture

Faculty of Natural Sciences University Maribor (Slovenia) – Darko Drakulić, M. Sc, Faculty of Philosophy.

ITHACA research center Torino (Italy) – Docent Branislav Drašković, Ph.D. Faculty of Philosophy.