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The Faculty of Physical Education and Sports was established in Pale in 1995 under the name The Faculty of Physical Culture. Teaching is organized into two study programs - Physical Education and Sports, on the first and second study cycles, while the third study cycle is in the process of licensing.

The entire teaching process at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports is performed by the own teaching and associate staff. It is noteworthy that, in addition to the theoretical part of teaching, the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports organizes a field trips for students such as skiing on Jahorina mountain, camping in Tjentište and rafting on the Rivers Drina and Tara. The Faculty boasts about a large number of successful athletes, while more than a dozen of students from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports were participants in the Olympic Games with notable results.

At the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports classes are held in two study cycles.

The Faculty publishes scientific journal in the field of physical education and sport 'Sports and Health'. The journal has a national character with international participation, and it is included in the first category. The magazine has been published since 2006, twice a year in English and Serbian language.

There is a student representative body "Student Organization of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports" at the Faculty.





Graduates acquire titles depending on the cycle and study program they have completed:

I Cycle

  • Physical Education, 240 ECTS, 4 years – Graduated Teacher of Physical Education
  • Sports, 180 ECTS, 3 years - Graduated Coach (selected branches of sport: sports recreation, football, basketball, volleyball, handball, alpine skiing, biathlon, judo, karate, kick boxing, athletics).


II cycle

  • Physical Education, 60 ECTS, 1 year - Master in Physical Education - 300 ECTS
  • Sports, 120 credits, 2 years. Study program has two orientations:


  1. Sports - Master in Sport - 300 ECTS
  2. Sports Recreation - Master in Sports Recreation - 300 ECTS



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