Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Quality Policy of the University of East Sarajevo is the basis for designing development procedures for all working processes at the University, and in accordance with entity / national regulations and the principles of the Bologna Declaration.


In the implementation of Quality Policy The University cooperates with students and users of the results of teaching, scientific, artistic and professional work of the University, as well as with higher education institutions and institutions in the country and abroad.

Fulfilling the requirements of users in the processes of education, research and successful application of scientific and artistic achievements in the processes and methods of work and business, the purpose of the University is to ensure confidence and satisfaction regarding the quality of its services.

University tends to develop into a modern European higher education institution that will be recognized by the educational, scientific and professional achievements of its graduates and that will be involved in the European educational and research trends as an equal partner..

The University conducts teaching, scientific research and artistic process, constantly innovating the course content and applying modern methods and techniques in education, scientific research and artistic work, in a manner compatible with the education trends in Europe and the world, in accordance with the requirements of the higher education users with continuous quality improvement of its processes and services.

The University is achieving its educational, scientific and artistic development and success by fulfilling its main operational objectives:


  • Increasing the quality of study programs, curricula,
  • Increasing the number of students and increasing the interest for studying at the University,
  • Improving knowledge and skills of teaching and non teaching staff,
  • Optimal use of material and human resources,
  • Improving the quality of scientific research and artistic activities,
  • Improving the quality of library and information resources,
  • Improving the quality of working conditions, facilities and equipment,
  • Improving the quality of existing and creation of new documentation,
  • Strengthening the role of employees and students in self-evaluation and quality assessment,
  • Increasing the quality of management process.

Governing bodies of the University provide understanding, implementation and maintenance of this Quality Policy on all organizational levels of the University. The right and obligation of all employees at the University and organizational units within the University, is to carry the Quality Policy, improve the quality of their work and to contribute to scientific and professional reputation of the University.

Employees and students should responsible conduct the Quality Policy and make recommendations for further quality improvement.


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Quality Policy