Quality Assurance Office

Quality Assurance Office

Quality Assurance Office was formed in 2007 as result of the University’s efforts to establish a quality culture in all areas of functioning.


In accordance with the Statute of the University the Quality Assurance Office is assisting the Quality Assurance Committee by providing the adequate administrative and technical support.

University’s Quality Assurance office is an administrative expert service that provides support for teaching, scientific research and artistic work of the University.

In accordance with the Quality Assurance Regulations , the Quality Assurance Office has the following responsibilities:


  • Creating a network for quality assurance and improvement at the University and of integrating the University into national and international quality assurance networks,
  • Providing advices and recommendations to the organizational units of the University
  • Organization of seminars on quality assurance
  • Work on establishing and editing documents on quality assurance
  • Defining the criteria for the quality functioning of the University
  • Developing procedures of external and internal evaluation, methods for exploring different aspects of quality of education and different target populations (students, teachers, administrators, managers, employers)
  • Preparing, organizing and coordinating the evaluation of various segments of the University functions
  • Obtaining feedback from students and directing their suggestions, proposals and critics
  • Collecting, processing and analyzing information on quality assurance from all users

Quality Assurance Office works with all organizational units and University services.

The programs and activities of the Office include the representatives of the University student body.


Аttachments :

Regulations on Quality Assurance

Regulations on Quality Assurance -University Of East Sarajevo 29.09.2016.

Pravilnik o izmjenama i dopunama Pravilnika o osiguranju kvaliteta 30.12.2016.