Centers and laboratories of faculties / academies of the University of East Sarajevo

Centers and laboratories of faculties / academies of the University of East Sarajevo

Electrical Engineering Fundamentals Laboratory
Electrical Measurements Laboratory
Electronics Laboratory
Physics Laboratory
Electrical Machines Laboratory
Electric Motor Drives Laboratory
Automation and Robotics Laboratory
Robotics and Mechatronics Laboratory
Systems with Embedded Computer Laboratory
Telecommunications Laboratory
Programmable Logic Controllers Laboratory
High Voltage Shock Testing Laboratory
Partial Discharge Laboratory
High Voltage Laboratory for Testing with a Frequency of 50 Hz
Digital Control Systems Laboratory
Electromagnetics Laboratory
Informatics Laboratory (6 laboratories)

Scientific Research Center of the Faculty of Economics Brcko – NICEF BC

Scientific Research Center of the Faculty of Economics Pale – NICEF

CNC Laboratory
Measurement Laboratory
Modern Production Laboratory
CNC Cabinet

Russian Language and Russian Studies Center
Center for Hellenic Studies
Center for Chinese Studies
Center for Support of Students with Disabilities
Phono Laboratories
Laboratory for Computer Science

Thermal Power Engineering and Process Engineering Center
Vehicle Attestation Center (test body)
CNC Machine Tools and CIM Systems Laboratory
Welding and Material Testing Laboratory
Applied Mechanics and Machine Structures Laboratory
Center for Accredited Laboratories
Laboratory for measuring and quality control

Biomedical Sciences Center
Early Childhood Development Center
Specialist Dentistry Center
Pharmacology Laboratory
Molecular Genetics Laboratory
Cell Immunology and Biology Laboratory
Clinical Skills Laboratory
Anatomical hall
Microscopic hall
Computer centers
Specialized spaces for performing practical and scientific work

Science Center for Population Education, Growth and Development of Children

Agropedological Laboratory
Biology and Microbiology Laboratory
Field and Seed Production Laboratory
Milk and Dairy Products Testing Laboratory
Laboratory for Testing the Quality of Animal Feed
Plant Protection Laboratory
Chemistry Laboratory

Technical-Laboratory Center
Informatics Laboratory
Electrical Engineering and Automation Laboratory
Computer Laboratory
Electronics Laboratory
Optical Communications Laboratory
Physics Laboratory
Computer Networks Laboratory

Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry Laboratory
General and Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
Analytical and Physical Chemistry Laboratory
Chemical-Process Engineering Laboratory
Biology Laboratory with Microbiology
Inorganic and Organic Chemical Technology Laboratory
Environmental Protection and Wastewater Laboratory
Electrochemical Engineering Laboratory
Food Quality Laboratory
Rheological Testing laboratory
Instrumental Testing Laboratory
Semi-industrial Meat Processing Plant
Semi-industrial Plant for Heat Treatment of Food
Semi-industrial Plant for Processing Grain and Flour