Bibliographic and citation databases

Bibliographic and citation databases

Bibliographic databases contain basic data on published scientific publications and enable insight into a specific scientific area. Basic data on scientific material include data such as: publication title, author’s name, year, place of publication, etc. Citation databases are databases that, in addition to bibliographic data, contain data on used citations, citations of published scientific publications, citations of researchers and their publications within a certain scientific field. These databases do not contain full texts of publications. Full-text databases provide insight into the full text of a single publication, and usually represent collections of electronic journals and books of larger or smaller volume from one or more publishers. Full texts are usually accompanied by a bibliographic description of each paper.

Web of Science

Web of Science (formerly known as Web of Knowledge) is a bibliographic and citation database maintained by Clarivate Analytics and includes leading scientific journals in all scientific fields from around the world. The database contains data on the so-called impact factor of the journal, and the results of the journal evaluation are published once a year in Journal Citation Reports.


Scopus is a bibliographic and citation database of the publishing house Elsevier that indexes a large number of publications from all fields of science from all over the world. This database contains tools for searching and analyzing publications.

List of publications: Scopus 2023.

SCIndex – Serbian citation index

SCIndex refers to journals from Serbia categorized as periodical publications of a scientific nature. In addition to titles and abstracts of works, the metadata in SCIndex also includes all cited references. Most articles are available in full text.


Google Scholar

Google Scholar represents the database of the Internet search engine Google. This database enables the search of scientific literature in electronic form found on the Internet, but it does not represent a classic bibliographic and citation database.