From Quality Assurance to Strategy Development

Project Title: “From Quality Assurance to Strategy Development”

Donor: European Commission, TEMPUS

Project Coordinator: WUS Austria


  • 8 BH public Universities,
  • University of Graz,
  • University of Girona

Implementation period: October 2007 – January 2010

Budget: 282.865,00 €

The main objectives:

  • Build and strengthen capacity at BH Universities for internal Quality Assurance (institutional self-evaluation)
  • On the basis of these results, formulate a development strategy of BiH Universities

The main activities:

  • Seminar at the University of Girona “EU experience in institutional self-evaluation”
  • 4 sessions in BiH “The role of student / administration / teaching staff / management in the process of internal Quality Assurance”
  • Institutional self-evaluation of all eight public Universities
  • Seminar ” EU experience in the strategic development”
  • Development of the modern university strategies (student-centered)
  • Seminar and Workshop “Key performance indicators”
  • Conference in BiH “From Quality Assurance to Strategy Development”