University Menagement Board

The Steering board is the managing body of the University. The Steering board has 11 members and consists of: 5 representatives from the academic staff of the University, 4 representatives appointed by the Government of RS, a student representative and one representative from the nonacademic staff of the University.

University Senate

The Senate is the highest academic body of the University. It regulates issues related to scientific-teaching, scientific-research and artistic work. The Senate consists of the rector, vice rectors, one member elected among the full-time academic staff from each Organizational unit of the University, except for teachers of clinical branches of medicine and dentistry with a part-time employment from medical institutions that are teaching base of the Faculty, then the student representatives of all three cycles of studies composing at least 15% of the total number of members of the Senate.


The Rector manages the work of the University. The mandate of the Rector lasts four years and he may be re-elected to the same position. The Rector may be elected from among the regular professors that are employed full time at higher education institutions. The Rector forms the Collegium whose goal is considering and taking positions on University matters. Members of the Collegium are: Rector, Vice Rector for Education and Student Affairs, Vice Rector for scientific research , Vice Rector for international and inter-university cooperation, Student Vice Rector and the Secretary General.

Vice Rectors

Vice Rectors are appointed and dismissed by the University Council at the proposal of the University Chamber Vice Rectors may be appointed from among professors and associate professors who are employed full time at higher education institutions. The Student Vice Rector is elected from among the students with grade average of at least 8 (eight) who have not repeated a year during his/her studies. Student Vice Rector needs to attend the sessions of the Steering Committee and the Senate of the University and represent the rights of students.


The Secretariat operates through professionally differentiated services in relation to the specific tasks they perform. The Secretariat is managed by the University Secretary-General. The Secretary General represents the Secretariat, organizes work and provides legitimacy, timeliness, efficiency and effectiveness of the execution of work and decides on the rights of employees of the Secretariat in the first instance.