Vice Rectors

Vice Rectors are appointed and dismissed by the University Council at the proposal of the University Chamber Vice Rectors may be appointed from among professors and associate professors who are employed full time at higher education institutions. The Student Vice Rector is elected from among the students with grade average of at least 8 (eight) who have not repeated a year during his/her studies. Student Vice Rector needs to attend the sessions of the Steering Committee and the Senate of the University and represent the rights of students.

Vice-Rector for Education:

Professor Ranko Božičković, PhD

+387 57 320 330 +387 57 320 330

Vice-Rector for Scientific Research and Development

Professor Slaviša Moljević, PhD

+387 57 320 330 +387 57 320 330

Student Vice-Rector:

Dušan Simanić

+387 57 320 330 +387 57 320 330