Erasmus Plus projects promoted at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of East Sarajevo has promoted international “Erasmus Plus” projects, three of which will be realized at this Faculty.

The Vice-rector for Science, Research and Development at the University Prof. Dr. Jelena Krunic emphasized that the position of the University of East Sarajevo largely depended on its international reputation and that was the reason why the internationalization was one of the strategic goals.

These programs aim to improve all levels of education, link non-formal and informal education, link education with the labor market and mobility of teachers and associates. From this year, a new cycle of “Erasmus Plus” programs will start, which will last until 2027, and its budget will be around 26 billion euros.

1,005 projects were applied for in 11 regions, of which 164 were approved, while 105 project proposals were submitted for the Western Balkans region, of which 18 were approved, including two projects from other regions.

B&H participates in seven of 18 approved in the Western Balkans, and the University of East Sarajevo participates in four of them, which we are proud of. One of these projects is `Smartl`, and it is a project of strengthening and developing a platform for e-learning and development of smart classrooms, with the aim of increasing the number of students.