Visit of the romanian rector to the University in East Sarajevo

The Rector of the University of Valahia from Targoviste – Romania, Prof. Dr. Calin Oros, paid a visit to the University of East Sarajevo (UES), and met with the Rector of the University of East Sarajevo, Prof. Dr. Stevo Pasalic, Vice-rectors Prof. Dr. Dejan Bokonjić and Dr. Sinis Berjan, Deans and Vice-deans of the Faculties of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Philosophy, and the coordinator for quality assurance of the University Nenad Markovic, PhD.

During the meeting, the Rectors discussed, among other things, the situation and challenges in higher education in Romania and BiH, and the burning issue of reducing the number of young people in both countries affected by a number of factors. It was concluded that it affected the number of students and young working-age population.

In order to improve cooperation, in addition to the general agreement on bilateral cooperation between two Universities, an agreement on cooperation within the Erasmus+ program has been signed. The University of Valahia has applied for an Erasmus + program of exchange of staff and students, which should enable exchange, first for teaching staff, and later for the students.

Cooperation with the University of Valahia can be raised to a high level, it was noted during the meeting, because there was a significant compatibility of programs between the two Universities. For the field of research, the University of Valahia has a highly equipped research institute, where there is a possibility for joint doctoral studies organized within the bilateral agreement so that our Ph.D. candidates, especially in the field of technical sciences, can conduct research in the research institute at the University of Valahia.