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University Internationalization Strategy 2018-2023

The University of East Sarajevo published the Strategy of Internationalization of the University which represents an extremely important strategic document whit the main goal to define the direction in which the University should move regarding international recognition, increase in incoming and outgoing mobility, and visibility of our academic community.

By creating this document, the Office for Quality Assurance and the Office for International Cooperation, together with the University administration, carried out the PEST and SWOT analysis of the current situation in the field of internationalization, analytically processed the completed internationalization questionnaires of students, teachers and administrative staff, and based on the results developed Strategy of Internationalization and defined Strategic Development Goals.

In the introductory part, Prof. Dr. Dejan Bokonjić, Vice-rector for International Cooperation and Quality Assurance and Editor-in-Chief of the Strategy, wrote that the University of East Sarajevo opted for the opening and cooperation and had the desire for better cooperation with other higher education institutions.

“The university as a public institution has an obligation towards the entity/state to take care of the quality assurance of higher education and science, which is impossible to achieve without a well-developed internationalization program. Through internationalization, the university could create the core of well-educated experts from different fields educated either at other institutions or with the help of foreign specialist experts at home institution, who will improve the quality of the University work in every respect, “said professor Bokonjic.

This strategic document, which is a guide for the development of internationalization, contains clearly defined strategic goals with descriptions of the activities of all stakeholders involved in their implementation and precise deadlines for their implementation.

The internationalization strategy was created in a broad consensus at the University with the support of the faculty/academy and university management. Public hearing was conducted and it was adopted by the Senate of the University as the highest academic body.

The publisher of the Strategy is the University of East Sarajevo, and a catalog with an ISBN number is issued by the National and University Library of Republic of Srpska.

The strategy is published in the Quality Assurance menu – Regulations and Documents.