The Acting Rector of the University organizes a New Year reception for media

The Acting Rector of the University of East Sarajevo Professor Stevo Pasalic organizes a New Year reception for media in the Rectorate in order to thank the representatives of media companies for following and reporting on the work of the University, and also to inform them, together with their associates, about the results achieved in the current year and plans for the future period.

“The University of East Sarajevo ends this year with a big stability regarding the teaching process, scientific research and finances. We will enter the next year in such a way that we will regularly finance and service all obligations, which was not the case for long period, “said the Acting Rector.

He announced that the management of the University would try to regulate completely the working-legal status of employees, primarily teachers, in the following year.

“It has not been done so far and, by doing it, the situation will be significantly improved and the costs of the University reduced, and, at the same time, the retaining of students and their inclusion in the work process will be achieved,” said the Acting Rector of the University.

According to him, the University of East Sarajevo functions as a very harmonious team and there are no unregulated relations between the Acting Rector, Vice-rectors and Deans.