The Support Center for Persons with Disabilities was opened at the Faculty of Philosophy

The Support Center for Persons with Disabilities aimed to help in getting easier employment for this population was opened at the Faculty of Philosophy in Pale on June 22, 2018.

The Center was opened within the project “School-to-Work Transition for Higher Education Students with Disabilities in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina” financed by the EU.

Expert Advisor to the Mayor of Pale Mr. Srdjan Sekara pointed out that the municipality would finance the procurement of equipment for the Center from the budget in order to have it completely adapted for students with disabilities.

Professor at the Pedagogy Department at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of East Sarajevo, Biljana Sladoje Bosnjak said that the Center was intended for students with disabilities and high school students.

She emphasized that students with disabilities should have had the same treatment and chances as everyone else.

The Vice-Dean for the teaching of the Faculty of Philosophy, professor Vladimir Vladicic, expressed his satisfaction with the opening of the Center and pointed out that this higher education institution was making efforts to provide the best conditions for studying for all students.

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Foca as well as at the Department of Pedagogy in Pale, Ranka Perucica said that one of the activities of the Center for Support to Students with Disabilities, except the facilitating learning process, would be the connection with the labor market.

“The right to work is a basic right that cannot be denied to anyone. We need to encourage people with disabilities to work “, Perucica pointed out.

The student at the Faculty of Traffic Engineering in Doboj, Goran Ristic, who participated in the student exchange program within the mentioned project last year, praised all the teachers, mentors who participated in the program as they showed that students with disabilities were not neglected.

Source: WEB team/SRNA