HSK Test was held at the Department of Synology at the Faculty of Philosophy

Chinese Proficiency Test was held at the Department of Synology, Faculty of Philosophy, on Saturday, April 22, 2018, which was attended by twenty participants.

The test was held by Chinese lectors together with local professors and assistants from the Department of Synology.

The “HSK Test” is the internationally standardized test testing and evaluating the general knowledge of the Chinese language of non-native speakers, and their skills in the use of Chinese in everyday, academic and professional life.

The exam was also taken by professors and assistants in order to acquire professional knowledge in the conduct of the “HSK Test” procedure.

Currently, the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of East Sarajevo is the only place in Bosnia and Herzegovina where the “HSK Test” can be taken. Several students of the Department of Synology, after passing this test, got an opportunity to study in NR China and improve their Chinese language skills.