Announcement for participation in Erasmus + KA2 Capacity building in higher education

The University of East Sarajevo expresses a positive attitude regarding the submission of various applications by our teachers / associates on behalf of the University of East Sarajevo to the programs of international cooperation Erasmus + KA2 CBHE (Capacity building in Higher Education).

If partners from the region or partners from abroad are interested in the participation of the University of East Sarajevo in the programs of international cooperation Erasmus + KA2 CBHE (Capacity building in Higher Education), the appropriate project data (from the table below) should be sent to the

On your project proposals, the expert service for international cooperation and quality assurance will give an appropriate opinion on the submitted description of the project, ie the recommendation for the signing of a mandate letter by the Rector of the University.

The aim is to ensure that the project application is professionally prepared in the part relating to the University of East Sarajevo with the appropriate proposal of the team that will be able to implement the project if it is approved for realization.

For this purpose, you should send the following project information (in Serbian or in English) or the project application if you have it ready  to the e-mail address

Project title/ acronym:
Type of the project (Joint/ Structural):
Level of the project (nacionalni/ regionalni):
Contact person from the University/ faculty / academy or contact from other institution:
A team proposal that plans to implement a project from the University/ faculty/ academy (can be multidisciplinary) or from other institution:
What is planned to be realized at the University within this project proposal (eg a new study program, to innovate existing ones, to establish a new center, new system, new model, innovation, procurement of specific equipment):
Name of project coordinator (institution):
Other project partners per country/ ies:
Project budget for the items foreseen for the University, (if you do not know the exact figure, then the frame figures): Staff costs:

Travel costs and costs of stay:




Work packages and activity list:


Note: Deadline for submitting Erasmus + KA2 CBHE projects is 08.02.2018. up to 12 h.

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