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Permanent Council of Social Sciences

Responsibilities, rights and obligations of Permanent Councils of the University Senate are prescribed by the Article 39 paragraphs 5 and 6 of the University Statute, while working and decission-making procedures are prescribed by the Rules of Procedure of the Senate and the Permanent Councils





Vice Rector for Human and Material Resources

Srđan Lalić Ph. D.





  • Radomir V. Lukic Ph. D.
  • Miladin Jovici Ph. D.
  • Zorica Golić
  • Lazar Radovanovic Ph. D.
  • Prof. dr Stanka Stjepanović
  • Stanka Stjepanovic Ph. D.
  • Mirela Mitrasevic Ph. D.
  • Srdjan Lalic Docent Dr.
  • Marko Djogo Docent Dr.