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Geographic position and natural characteristics of East Sarajevo

City of East Sarajevo is located in the central and eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the eastern part of Republic of Srpska. Southernmost point of the city is located in the municipality of Trnovo, in the area of the village Kozija Luka, while the northernmost is located northeast of the village Gornji Drapnici in the municipality of Sokolac. The westernmost point in the municipality of East Ilidza, at the foot of Mount Igman and the easternmost point in the area of the village Tocionik in the municipality of Sokolac.

The total area of East Sarajevo is 1425.77 km².

The city consists of two parts, of the larger northern part (1380.61 km²) and the much smaller southern part (only 45.16 km²). The bigger, northern part stretches in a north/south direction 12 – 42 km, and east – west 26- 42 km. The smaller southern part in the north/south direction has dimensions of 5 – 8 km, and East/ West 5 – 9.8 km. These two parts of the East Sarajevo are separated by the territory of the municipality Trnovo (FBH), the Canton of Sarajevo.

In terms of geographical regionalization the city belongs to Mountain – Basin region, i.e., sub regions of Eastern Bosnia and Central Bosnia. In the terms of geomorphology of the city area belongs to the Internal Dinarides.

The city is bordered by a total of 13 municipalities. Bordering municipalities of the Republic of Srpska are: Han Pijesak, Kalinovik and Rogatica. As for the Federation of BH, the city of East Sarajevo is bordered by the municipalities of Sarajevo Canton : Sarajevo – Stari Grad, Sarajevo – Novi Grad, Sarajevo – Novo Sarajevo, Sarajevo – Center, Ilias, Ilidza, Trnovo (FBH), the municipality of Olovo n the Zenica – Doboj Canton and municipalities Pale – Praca and Foca – Ustikolina from Bosnia – Podrinje canton.

Four important roads to Serbia and Montenegro are passing across the city territory : Sarajevo – Sokolac – Zvornik – Loznica, Sarajevo – Sokolac – Rogatica – Visegrad – Uzice, Sarajevo – Pale – Gorazde – Visegrad – Uzice, Sarajevo – Trnovo – Dobro Polje – Foca – Montenegro.

Rail traffic is not present in the city territory. The nearest train station is Central Sarajevo train station and the nearest railway line is the line Zenica – Sarajevo – Mostar. Up until the 1970s a narrow-gauge railway line Sarajevo – Pale – Praca – Ustipraca – Visegrad – Uzice was passing through the territory of the city.

Sarajevo International Airport is almost spatially adjacent to the city of East Sarajevo, in the municipality of East Ilidza.