The city of East Sarajevo has three cultural centers, CC East New Sarajevo, CC Pale, CC Sokolac and Culture Section of Trnovo. Central Library East Sarajevo today has over 100,000 books placed in five sections.

Central Library East Sarajevo

Central Library East Sarajevo from its inception to the present day is the most important carrier of cultural activities in the Sarajevo-Romanija region. By the decision of the City of East Sarajevo Assembly it was established in 1996, and on June 28th of the same year the Central Library East Sarajevo started working ; now it has over 100,000 books located in five departments (Children’s Department, Department of fiction, Department of technical and scientific books, Department of foreign books, the Department of periodicals). Central Library from 1997. organizes language and computer courses, runs a bookshop and a gallery, organizing theater performances, art colonies, forums and other.

Stefan Nemanja Street no. 6

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National Library of Pale

With raising of the general level of literacy and education in Pale the cultural needs of citizens raised as well. In such conditions, more and more books were read and required , so the library opened in November 1957.

The library was located in one wing of the Cooperative Center and had two rooms – one for the books’ storage and another one that was used as a reading room. At that time the library had 320 books. Since it was developing very successfully, gradually increasing the book fund, in 1978 it was incorporated into the National University and moved into the House of Culture, possessing 16,500 books.

It was relocated from the House of Culture in 1993, and in 1999 it was moved back to the building of the Cultural Center (former House of Culture).

Today, the National Library has about 31,660 books that are available to all users, except for one part, which is not to be taken out of the library, but can be used in its reading room.

Department of local history collection was founded in late 2003. and since then 838 monographs were collected, covering a wide range of literature, history, entertainment, sports, culture, geography and current affairs.

National Library of Sokolac

National Library of Sokolac started working in 1947. The library has space of 126 m2, with three departments, reading room and storage room.

Today, the National Library has a stock of 24,584 books, out of which 17,373 books for adults, 7158 children’s books and 53 books in foreign languages. Total number of library users in 2009 was 532, and the total number of visits for 2009 was 7035.

The National Library of Sokolac is a member of Library Association of Republic of Srpska.

Jove Jankovic Street

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Cultural Center of East New Sarajevo

Cultural Center of East New Sarajevo was founded by the municipality of East New Sarajevo in 2003 and it meets the cultural needs of the citizens of East New Sarajevo municipality and East Ilidza. The main activity is the theater, but it also deals with organization and realization of other cultural and artistic events. At the moment the center has a multimedia room with 180-200 seats, fully equipped with light and sound. It has video and cinema equipment. In his own art gallery organizes exhibitions of paintings and other artwork.

It deals with the organization of cultural and other events, organizing concerts, feature and short films projections , promotion of books and publications. It organizes the Small scene festival – Monodrama of Srpska (in December 2010, the 15th edition), St. Sava and Spasovdan cultural celebrations, the Day of Students’ creativity (the fourth in a row this May, including all primary schools with the City of East Sarajevo), Literary colonies (in June it will be the fourth in a row), together with a branch Sarajevo Romanija-Drina Serbian Writers’ Association and the Central Library East Sarajevo.

As part of the Cultural Center there is a professional theater scene on which have been set three professional theater plays: “ canary soup”- won first prize at the 11th Small scene festival – Monodrama of Srpska, it was played over 60 times on stages in the Republic of Serbian, Serbia, Montenegro and the Federation, at the regular monthly repertoire of National Theatre of Republic of Srpska in Banja Luka for the past three years. “Petria’s Wreath” monodrama performed by Ljiljana Djuric – winner of the 11th Small scene festival – Monodrama of Srpska, won the Silver Knight at the Pan-Slavic Assembly in Moscow in 2006; monodrama “Listen here”, by Nedeljko Zelenovic performed at the 14th Small scene festival – Monodrama of Srpska in December 2009.

The drama studio has also set three theater plays: “Mrs Minister” and “Wake up, Rada” directed by Ljuba Bozovic, and Pen writes with the heart” directed by Miodrag Breza.

Art school works regularly, and occasionally the Dance studio and the City children’s choir “Pahuljice”. Due to piracy and malfunction the theater stopped working in June 2009.

Street: Stefan Nemanja 6

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Cultural Centre Pale

The founder of the Cultural Center of Pale is the Municipality of Pale. The Cultural Centre of Pale’s building was built in 1928, to commemorate the victims of World War I, and his original name was the Home of the Victims.

Pale Cultural Centre was established and registered on 3.09.1999. in the building of the former House of Culture in Pale.

The main activity of the Cultural Center is artistic production, performing arts and movie projection, but it is also a meeting point for all other significant cultural events in Pale.

Currently, the Cultural Center of Pale hosts the most important cultural events in Sarajevo-Romanija region. In the absence of theaters the theater plays adapted for small scene are preformed here, the world’s most important film works are presented , puppet and circus children’s plays are played, cultural and artistic clubs meet here, literary evenings and art exhibitions are held.

The building of CC Pale is also home of the National Library of Pale, SPKD “Prosvjeta” Pale, KUD “Mladost” Pale, film company, “SRNA-film” and “Paljanske novine”.

Srpskih Ratnika Street 4, Pale

+387 57 227 132

+387 57 227 132

Cultural Center of Trnovo

Center for Culture “Trnovo” from Trnovo was founded on 26.06.2003, by the Trnovo Municipality Assembly. It was established for the following purposes: adult and other education, screening, artistic and literary creation, performing arts, library.

Cultural Centre initially had 378.66 m2 of office space, however, when the National Library “Trnovo” was founded, one part of the office space was given to it, so today the Center has a cinema hall of 184.15 m2 with 166 seats, and a cinema stage of 45.50 m2.

The center has a very good cooperation with cultural institutions in our region and beyond. A wide range of cooperation with theaters, drama clubs, cultural and artistic clubs, singing groups, Gusle associations, free lance artists , etc.

Cultural Centre is exclusively financed from the Municipality of Trnovo’s budget and the budget of East Sarajevo city.

Trnovski Bataljon Street no. 116

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Cultural institution “Pero Kosoric” Sokolac

Cultural institution “Pero Kosoric” Sokolac was established on 26th May 1994 by separating from the National Library of Sokolac. Since Sokolac never had a House of Culture, the Cultural institution was using an improvised cinema space, built in 1948. For decades there were not significant financial investments, and existing investments were mostly spent on occasional minor repairs and partial renovation of its most vulnerable parts. One part of the roof (which is located above the business-office part and above the part in which sectional workshops take place) was reconstructed in 2001. With help of MO “CRS”, and the part of the roof, which covers the movie theater is in a state of extreme neglect and it is still covered with roof tiles from 1948.

The consequence of neglect and lack of funds for maintenance of the facility is that the facility was completely out of order in 2006 since it was completely ruined and buttresses were collapsing which posed a threat to the security of any public assembly of citizens and visitors of programs.

Thanks Sokolac Municipality Assembly in late 2006 facility entrance area was reconstructed (repair of retaining walls, balconies repairs and glazing).

The movie theater , through a project financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the RS, got the solid fuel heating, but there still isn’t a fuel storage room, which is a problem.

Car Lazar Street

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