Establishment of Quality Assurance 'audit' practice

Project Title: "Establishment of Quality Assurance 'audit' practice system at the University of East Sarajevo and the University of Banja Luka"
  • This project was implemented as a sub-project between the entities listed below under the project "Strategic and Structural Development of Quality Assurance in BiH Higher Education 2008 - 2010"

  • Donors:

  • Government of Liechtenstein
  • Austrian Development Cooperation
  • (coordinator WUS Austria)

  • Project coordinator:University of East Sarajevo


  • University of Banja Luka,
  • Faculty of Engineering University of Novi Sad,
  • The Slovenian Agency for Quality and Metrology

  • Implementation period: April 2010 - April 2011

    Project Budget: € 49.228,3

    University Co-financing: 26.722,92 €

    The main objectives of the project:

  • Developing human and institutional capacity (human and infrastructure),
  • Sustainable development of the internal audit

  • The main activities:

  • Workshops regarding the training for conduction internal audits,
  • Certification of internal auditors (quality assurance coordinator for the University of East Sarajevo and Banja Luka University)
  • Conducting internal audit at the University of East Sarajevo
  • Development, printing and distributing brochures regarding Quality Assurance