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Pale University Campus
Today, Pale is university, tourist and cultural center of the Republic of Srpska. In Pale there are four faculties of the University of East Sarajevo: Economics, Philosophy, Law and Faculty of Physical Education.

Pale municipality covers an area of 492 km². It is located in a valley between Romanija and Jahorina. Today, Pale is university, tourist and cultural center of the Republic of Srpska.

Territory of Pale is extremely mountainous , with an altitude of 624 to 1916 m. The lowest point is at 624 m above sea level, on the west side of the municipality, where Paljanska and Mokranjska Miljacka merge. In the central part of the Pale municipality there is Paljanska Valley, situated between the mountain ranges: Jahorina in the south, Gosina in the west, Romanija in the north-east, Ozren in the north and northwest and Trebevic in the west. The seat of the municipality is in the town of Pale. Pale is located in the valley, which with its surroundings has an area of 8.5 km². Pale is situated at an altitude of 820m.

Because of its geographical and natural features, Pale has been long known as a health resort and the picnic area. The beauty of the environment, clean air and proximity to ski fields on Mount Jahorina present the natural disposition and  the real basis for tourism development.

Development agents in the area of the municipality of Pale are  industry, forestry, hospitality and tourism industry and trade. Due to geographic and climatic characteristics of the area, agriculture is less developed. At the end of the war,  construction industry started developing , especially in the field of small bussines. The development of the industry in the municipality of Pale is mainly oriented to the metal, wood and textile industry.

The area of the Pale municipality with it’s natural conditions favors the development of hospitality and tourism industry. Jahorina Olympic Centre is very attractive for tourists, the beautiful ski terrains, where the winter season lasts five months. Skiers and other tourists can use more than 20 km of well groomed trails for alpine skiing linked with seven lifts and six ski lifts, modern ski-school and ski-service.

In addition to its suitability for the winter tourism, Pale Municipality,  has also excellent predispositions for hunting, with extraordinary hunting areas  accessible by highways, regional  roads and forest trails, and hunting lodges. The most important natural attraction is cave Orlovaca, which is arranged for tourist visits.

Pale has  a number of cultural institutions who  regularly organize  cultural events such as the Art Colony Pale, Art Colony Art Symposium Jahorina , Festival of ecological and tourism film "Jahorinafest" Children's Festival "The children sing the hits" ,Days of Dusko Trifunovic in Pale, Balkan flute festival in Pale, Serbian Journal of the documentary film. In Pale there is the Orthodox Church of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin ( crkva Uspenja Presvete Bogorodice),  founded in the beginning of the 20th century. In Pale there are  four faculties of the University of East Sarajevo: Economics, Philosophy, Law and Faculty of Physical Education.

The development of sport in the municipality of Pale began in the 30-s of the 20th century, when citizens of Pale started  playing sports more seriously. In the beginning, it was skiing and football, and today there are 25 registered sports clubs. Pale as the seat of the football club Romanija.

Organizational chart of the University Center Pale

Organizational chart of the University Center Pale

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